Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: and he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. Malachi 4:5‭-‬6 (KJV)

The Scripture of truth is so accurate and the words written therein are relevant to all ages, dispensation, culture and time. There are approximately 2,500 prophecies in the Bible, and astonishingly, approximately 2000 of those prophecies all in the Old Testament have been fulfilled to the letter. In the same vein, the above-mentioned Scriptures were written over two thousand years ago, but they are “present truths” that are being fulfilled right before our eyes in our contemporary culture.

The prophet Malachi in the latter part of his prophecies makes a profound and noteworthy remark about the end times. This remark is so apt and timely because he reveals that “the great end time social problem will be within the family as fathers will be out of right relationship with their children”. This is so scary because the climax of the revelation of the New Testament is the “Fatherhood of God”. But Satan and his minions will seek to attack fathers and fatherhood in the end times.

Little wonder, Jezebel through the spirit of witchcraft is doing all she can to alienate fathers from their children. This is because “true human fatherhood produces in every child acceptance, security and maturity”. While bad fatherhood or no fatherhood at all produces “rejection, disorder and rebellion” in the child. The power behind these adverse conditions in the family, is the power of “witchcraft”. Sadly, our culture is pervaded with multitudes of lonely, insecure, rebellious children who are weighed down by rejection. This is because of lack of accurate parenting particularly; the “biological father’s love, protection and care” for a child.

The prophet Malachi goes further to remark that if this social malady isn’t dealt with, God will smite the earth with a curse. But it is instructive to note that “it is fathers that need to turn to the children first and be awakened to their responsibilities”.

Additionally, it is crucial to point out that you may be the president of a country or MD/CEO of a blue chip or IT company, but that isn’t your main responsibility. Your two main God-given responsibilities are: HUSBAND AND FATHER. And if you fail in those two areas and succeed in other areas, you’re more of a failure before God than a success. The absence of true fatherhood is the reason there are multitudes of people who feel lonely, rejected and are disorderly in their lives. Consequently, they are rebellious to God-ordained authorities in homes, schools, church and the society.

So why does Elijah have to come? What seems to be the problem in the society?

Jezebel is the main problem! She’s waging war and attacking families and churches. Her main objectives are to emasculate males and make them figurehead fathers and husbands in the home. Her mission is to break up families and kill untold numbers of people in families. Sadly, Jezebel through witchcraft is the power that is breaking up homes, and making them end up without fathers and husbands. And in some other instances, she makes the fathers figureheads and absentee fathers. Children are the ones usually at the receiving end as they’re exposed and become a prey to Satan and his evil minions namely: evil spirits and satanic human agents.

Satan sure knows that no church or society is stronger than the family units that make up such church or society. And a strong, healthy, powerful and formidable church and society cannot be built by weak and fragmented families. Hence, Satan is working tirelessly to break up homes and churches through the power of Jezebel, and witchcraft so that God can smite the earth with a curse.

But God will be releasing the Elijah ministry at this hour, which will turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons, sons to the fathers, mothers to daughters and daughters to mothers through heart wrenching preaching on repentance. The Elijah ministry will then restore to families wholehearted devotion to God and Him alone, and bring to a halt the ongoing Baal worship (sexual immorality), and mammon worship (love of money) which are the root causes of many family break up in our contemporary culture.

There’s indeed a great need of the Elijah’s of God to rise in the church and deal with the “spirit of Jezebel” and “witchcraft” contending against families and the church in our contemporary culture, lest God comes to smite the earth with a curse.

May the Lord have mercy!!!